Technical support service

Before opening a support ticket there are some suggestions that we invite you to follow:

1) Check for updates on our website that relate to the problem found.
2) Make sure you have correctly followed the suggestions of the on-line help or refer to the manual.
3) Search on our web site in the tutorial session, it is possible that the subject has been explained, you can find it useful.
4) Ask a colleague of your center if he/she faced the same problem.
5) To report an error in content or functionality of the application we will ask you to send an email to the Scientific and Technical Committee which will assess the problem. You can write to the committee in the menu ''Contact us'' under ''Feedback''.

If you still have not solved the problem:

You can send an email, specifying name, surname and your email address, the name of the product for which you are asking support, please add the software version if available.

We ask you to describe the problem and report any error message. Without this information it won' t be possible to give any suggestions and identify the nature of the problem.

Probably you will be asked to conduct control test to try to rule out possible problems.

Technical support replies mainly by email, this way we can maintain a record of any systematic problem and guarantee a response within 24 working hours from your request.

We kindly invite you to contact Technical Support by phone only after you have opened a ticket on our website and reported the problem via email.

The Technical Support service operates from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00.