SmartLog is a temperature data logger, a digital thermometer that allows 4 simultaneous measurements and stores data in an internal memory up to a maximum of 6 hours of readings.

font-weight: bold; SmartLog can be used as a control instrument useful to perform a routine check on the temperature stability inside the incubation rooms. Readings are made up of four sensors included in two NUNC plates placed inside the incubator under verification.

SmartLog has been designed to fit inside the MINC mini incubator (Cook Medical) but can be adapted to any incubator thanks to its small size and the different type of available sensors. SmartLog is compact and easy to use.

The software included with the instrument allows the user to visualize a 4 color time/temperature graphic plot offering an easy tool for the identification of temperature drifts or peaks outside the limit values set by the user.

The software also generates a final report that can be attached to quality control documentation.

The database keeps a record of all the runs carried out and allows user to retrieve data searching by date and /or by code of the incubator.

SmartLog is also available as an add-on software module for FertiLab Manager, another added value to the application leader in A.R.T. data management system in Italy.

SmartLog comes with a set of rechargeable batteries, power supply, mini USB connection cable and a software for Data analysis and management.