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News From the FertiLab Manager Team

The recent agreement between the state and regions regarding the MAP, establishes clear rules and requires the assumption of standard operating procedures for all the activities involved in the complex process of MAP, a demanding task that requires the right equipments including a software to manage the huge amount of data generated during MAP activities.

FertiLab Manager is an application developed in collaboration with one of the major Italian ART centers and over the years it has advantaged from the expertise and advice of many ART centers operators to grow up and become the most widely used software in Italy.

For years FertiLab Manager has been updated to be compliant with laws and guide lines and give guidance to operators of ART centers with a reliable support that streamlines the application of SOP.

Just last publication of this agreement, suggested to us further measures to improve and facilitate the use of our software application, but to be even closer to the ART centers operators, we asked two Gynaecologists and two biologists to establish a Scientific and Technical Committee to help us make FertiLab Manager a tool par excellence for MAP.

You are all invited to participate to this process by visiting the dedicated website www.fertilabmanager.com and writing your suggestions to the Technical Committee that will analyze your suggestions and comments and in collaboration with our software development team they will try to translate your idea into a new update closer to your needs.

The appointment for the data transmission to the Institute of Health is just around the corner and it makes even more clear the need for a data management software. FertiLab Manager can export a data file in a compatible format just pressing a button saving a month or more of work time!

It will be soon available for the many users of FertiLab Manager a validation document which will also be signed by the Technical Committee, another good reason to choose FertiLab Manager as your 360 ° data management software for your ART center.