Reception Module

The reception module is a system that allows to automatically manage patients in the waiting room and call in the room tour through a monitor and a wake-up call, all in full respect of privacy.

On arrival, the patient records using their health card, in the case of a patient who is already registered at the center, its arrival will be combined with the visit booked and placed on hold in the case of a patient who is not yet registered at the center proves reading of his health card will be used to open a new data sheet. If the patient had not taken his health card can still authenticate using their ID pair.

On his turn, the patient will now see its code of torque on the screen followed by the visit of the room in which it is expected.

A set of algorithms allow each doctor to manage inputs in their own room visit in perfect autonomy and changing room visit if necessary.

The reception module connects via wifi network and requires only a power source for the monitor and the card interface is intuitive to use and allows you a simple handling and impressive.

On the monitor in addition to the codes of the patients referred to a visit there is provided a portion of the screen for the logo and address of the center and una'altra for a scrolling message that can be edited from the front desk, another opportunity to communicate with their patients.

The size of the monitor is a choice of the center depending on the size of the room, just in case you can manage more than one monitor.