Check_Lab e Remote_Lab

What is Check-Lab?
Check-Lab is a useful remote control system to supervise laboratory instruments and it is able to manage the status of alarm based on service intervals set by the user.

Which instruments can I control using Check-Lab?
Thermostated baths, incubators, refrigerators, Cryo containers with liquid nitrogen, gas alarm and more.

How does Check-Lab works?
Through a control unit connected to the network and in turn connected to a network of sensors, Lab-Check reveals any alert status of the instruments. The management software (Remote-Lab) sends email and SMS alerts to a list of addresses and/or mobile phone configurable by the user.

Can I look into a report in the lab during the day?
In addition to managing the states of alarm, Check-Lab through a network of temperature sensors records all the values 24h. You can access the application software and recall a chart for each sensor in a user-configurable time interval.

Can I configure Check-Lab according to my needs?
Check-Lab is composed of modules configurable according to the needs of the laboratory, the control system can be easily installed and implemented to respond to new needs of the laboratory.

Is Check-Lab reliable?
Check-Lab is a hardware /software system that offers a double guarantee of operation, in addition to the software installed on the local server, the control functions and the equipment connected to the sensors are controlled remotely from our webserver which duplicates the Alerts via email and via sms to make sure you don' t miss an allarm.

How much does it cost?
Check -Lab the software Remote-Lab and the the remote webserver service are offered on a loan base with a three-year contract.
The annual cost includes the cost of technical assistance, the continuous updating of software, the supervision service and the alarm warnings duplication.
The annual cost is proportional to the number of modules and sensors needed to manage the laboratory instrumentation.