Track_ID is an hardware/software system for traceability of gametes and embryos during the usual activity of an ART center.

Track_ID is developed on RFID (Radio Frequency ID) and allows the ART center to drop drastically the risk of cross contamination/mixcontamination, the system tracks and records sperm, eggs and embryos at every stage of the treatment checking the match with patient’s identity.

Easy and secure for everyone. The operator can validate the access the system using the same FertiLab credentials selecting a name and entering the password or using a smart card. Our new RFID key fob allows an easy and fast while secure access leaving the operator’s hands free. Just keep the key fob in the vicinity of our reader and the system will detect it and automatically let the operator log in.

Track_ID doesn’t leave anything to chance, an add-on module allows to verify the patient’s identity and matches to biological products in the operatory room using a simple RFID bracelet.

Track_ID helps you monitoring the most critical work carried out in a A.R.T. laboratory, keeping a record of each stage of a patient’s cycle, making easier following standard operative procedures and to comply with regulatory legislation and quality processes requirements.